Ander is a tall, pale blond boy that seems to be everywhere Eureka Boudreaux goes. He warns her that she is in danger and seems to know more than he lets on.

Ander is a Seedbearer, a race of people originally from Atlantis. They do not want Atlantis to rise again, so they have sworn to kill the child destined to cry and bring it back.

His life mission was to figure out Eureka, her weaknesses, her strong points. Everything, so he may kill her. On the day her mother is killed by his Aunt, also a Seedbearer, he saves Eureka,the actual target for the whole mission. This is because as he grew up he learned to love her and he does not want her to die. He does tell her all this and she forgives him ultimately.

He doesn't like Brooks even before he is possessed by Atlas. In an encounter at Eureka's house they verbally fight and before anything physical can happen Ander leaves. He tells Eureka multiple times not to trust to Brooks.

A noticeable feature of his is his turquoise eyes like the ocean.