• Nudhana evans

    hey people!!!! Its really fascinating to read the fallen series out here! similar to twilight ! I m a big fan of edward cullen..but now i m gonna vote for DANIELLL....

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  • Therecomeing1313

    Dear people, 

    ok so i know we all know that fallen is being turned into a movie, and i know you all have seen the choices for the actors and actresses for the characters to play in the movie. let me just say that i am not 100% happy with the choices for the cast. for one, the guy playing daniel is not at all what i imagined him to be in the book, i imagined him more of a Drew Doyon, he is what i imagined Daniel to be. the guy who is supposed to play him looks like an Robert patterson wanna be, with the way his hair is and how he looks, you can see another hollywood actor trying to be another actor that was bad to begin with. Thats all im saying, if you agree or you dont agree you can commet.
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  • Asnow89

    Hey there Fallen fans!

    Are you a fan of Lauren Kate? Have you heard of her latest book, Teardrop? It is the first book in her newest series!

    If you like Fallen (novel) will LOVE Teardrop. We are reading it for Wikia's January Book Club, so join the discussion or check it out to see what this new book is all about!

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  • DeathBeforeDecaf
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  • XD1

    Blogs are live!

    August 20, 2012 by XD1

    The main page blog feed is now live! Use blogs to ask questions about the series, and discuss characters, books, locations, or anything else having to do with the Fallen Series! Let your voice be heard!

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