Doreen Price is Luce Price's mother and Harry Price's Wife. She has a strong relationship with her daughter. She lives in Thunderbolt, Georgia with her husband. In the upcoming Fallen film, she is portrayed by Juliet Aubrey.



Luce is the only daughter of Doreen Price. Doreen and her husband has been worried about her since she was young. They got her glasses, took her for hearing check-ups, and more. After the mysterious fire, when Trevor is killed, they realise that something is very wrong with their daughter. Doreen shaves her daughter's long hair because they were burned. They send her to Sword & Cross against her will. They know how terrible that place is but they want their daughter's safety. On Parents Day, they visit her and have a picnic with Penn and they take a round of the place.


The parents pick Luce from Sword & Cross, unaware she returened from Shoreline. They take Miles and Shelby along. Soon Callie comes with Daniel, Gabbe, Arriane and Cam, to the surprise of Luce. The parents never realised that there was a fight in their backyard, as the angels took care of everything.


When Luce is safely with angels. Molly covers for Luce, with the help of Callie. pretending to be sick at their house. As Luce and Daniel sacrifice everything, including her parents. It is possible that her parents learn of the truth.