Gabrielle 'Gabbe' Givens is a fallen angel; she choose the "Good side". In book one she attends Sword & Cross reform school at the same time as Lucinda Price did, but had returned back. She's the first angel and the most special archangel who's very close to the Throne. She was a good friend of Luce and sacrificed herself for Luce and the angels in Rapture, when Sophia killed her with a starshot, and she became one of the dusted. In Fallen, it is mentioned that Gabbe is Luce's Guardian angel. In the Fallen movie, the actress Hermione Corfield is portraying Gabbe.


Gabbe is close to Daniel and Luce originally thought that Gabbe is Daniel's girlfriend. Though they are very close, their romantic relationship is false, as Luce misenterparates the situation.


Gabbe is described as blonde haired and blue eyes with skin that shines. Luce describes Gabbe as "Neutrogena commercial pretty." Gabbe also has a southern accent, hinting she may have Southern roots. 

Gabbe is kind to Luce and watches over her, like any angel would, and even goes as far as to kick Cam's little boney butt when he confronts the two. It is reveled later in a seperate story that Gabbe and Luce were almost inseperable "last time" which concludes that in one of Luce's past reincarnations that she and Gabbe were very close. Though, Luce interperates Gabbe's considerable kindness wrongly and thinks that Gabbe doesn't like her.

In Rapture, it is revealed that Gabbe was the second highest Angel in heaven. She was also killed by a starshot thrown by Miss Sophia in Rapture, along with Molly.