Lucifer was originally the first archangel on Heaven. He was seen to have the first romantic relationship on Heaven with the third Archangel Lucinda, as he is said to have created "love" on Heaven. Lucinda began to fear him when she said “But I don’t want to be greater than God.” He grew more possessive, more envious of her adoration of the Throne, telling Lucinda that if she truly loved him, Lucifer would be enough.

He seemed to fear nothing, except her ever leaving him. He taught her the song about the greatness of their union. He made her sing it constantly, until Lucinda saw herself as Lucifer’s Evening Light. He told Lucinda this was love.

As Lucifer, the Morning Star,

And Lucinda, his Evening Light.

He loved was controlling her with a dark, destructive fascination . She told him "I cannot love a soul so dark it eats up others’ light". He did not believe her, or he pretended not to hear her. When Daniel loved her with a pure love,he became highly jealous and was part of the cause that cursed by Lucinda and Daniel. He later attempts to reclaim Lucinda and her love, but unfortunately her love for Daniel was too great. In the end, he allows Lucinda and Daniel to be free from their curse.

In the Series


In Passion, Lucifer appears as Bill, a guide to Luce who helps her travel through the Announcers to different lifetime. Throughout the travelling Lucifer tells Lucinda in a way of freeing herself and Daniel from the misery and heartache, to cut herself with a Star-shot but once in Egypt, seeing that Daniel loved her truly and not because of a curse she refused to kill herself. Instead, she asked why he asked her to and Lucifer reveals himself as the "bad guy" where he tells her that he wants to get all the fallen angels into a Announcer and take them to the future where Lucinda will be his again and not Daniel's as their love would not have grower larger as it has over seven thousand years. He later disappears telling Lucinda that he will have his revenge and his love.


It is revealed during Rapture that he and Lucinda were in love with each other. But Lucinda decided that she loved Daniel, and so Lucifer cursed her.


He was lovely. Amber hair spilled down his shoulders in shiny waves. His body seemed grander, defined by muscles no mortal would ever achieve. His cold, blue eyes were mesmerizing.