Miles Fisher is a Nephilim kid. His first appearance in Torment  and attends Shoreline Academy . Although he is part Nephilim , he is friends with some of the other non-Nephilim kids. In Fallen in Love, Miles and his close friend, Shelby fall in love, and on Valentine day's eve, they both kiss. In Rapture, they are revealed to be married, and his wife, Shelby is pregnant, and they are really good friends with Roland and Arriane.



Miles's blood is diluted because his mother has angel blood on her side a few generations back. The only reason he thinks he is attending Shoreline is because his family endowed a deck to be built outside the Nephilim classroom.By the end of the book he is good friends with Luce , and he likes her more than he should, which ends up with him kissing Luce while Daniel is watching but he ends up marrying Shelby in Rapture.


He is a good half a foot taller than Luce , with a bright, friendly smile, a splash of freckles on his nose, and clear blue eyes.


Although his 'powers' as he said, 'are embarrasingly low grade,' he can reflect a mirror image of himself or others, and it is easier to do when he loves that said person.

Only known people Miles was able to reflect:

  • His mother.