A Nephilim, as told by Shelby Sterris, is any creature that has angel blood in them. When an angel and a mortal (become friends, more than friends, and then) have a child it is one of the Nephilim. Pronounced (Neh-fil-lim).

References In Fallen

Nephilim are mentioned countless time in Torment and Passion. The first time by Daniel Grigori in the first chapter of Torment and then by Shelby Sterris, who is the one to explain to Luce what a Nephilim is. Luce learns more in the story. To look up these references, then you can read these books.

Nephilim Characters In The Fallen Series

There are several different characters in Fallen series. They were all introduced during Torment and all go to the same School, Shorline, and are placed in the 'honours' program. The honours program is really a cover up program which only the nephilim can get into. The program is taught by demon and angel professors; Steven and Francesca.

Some nephilim are;

Miles Fisher


Dawn Casterly