The following page contains content that reveals the plot-line for the later books and/or a character's development

"You're our pass to Heaven," 

-Phil's sister, an Outcast, to Luce

Outcasts are a certain rank of angels, commonly referred to as the worst kind, who sided with Lucifer in the original revolt. They refused to follow him to Hell though, and tried Heaven. After being locked out of Heaven, they tried to be excepted into Hell, but they weren't. All of them are blinded, though it is said they can see "the burning of your soul." Outcasts are weak, but they have one on their side that makes starshots. Starshots are dangerous and they are the only weapon able to kill an angel. Some angels barter with Outcasts for them. A known Outcast is Phil, Shelby's exboyfriend. 


Many Outcasts died when they teamed up with Luce and the gang, and Luce realised that they changed, they were kind to her. When Luce got back her memory, that she is a Fallen angel, an Archangel, she knew all the names, and as they were once all a family, realised how things changed and it wasn't fair that they lost the beauty of their wings and a place in Heaven. Before changing into mortal, she requested the Throne that He must change the Outcasts back to their orignal form: return their glorious wings, and restore their eye sights and take them back to Heaven, He accepted and Luce and Daniel changed to mortals and gave farewell to their angel friends, that included the Outcasts.


Outcasts have eyes that are almost white, and very unnerving. They have very dirty wings, unlike other fallen angels who have beautiful white or gold wings. Thus, they returned to their orignal forms in the end of the Fallen series.