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Paulina "Dee" Serenity Bisenger is one of the Elders of Zhsmaelim, but she isn't involved with them, or a transeternal, they are techinally mortals but they can live upto many hundreds of years. She's very close to Luce and her friends. She was introduced in Rapture, and turned out to be one of the relics, the "Desideratum" or "the desired one". The gang was looking for so they can know of the place where Angels fell to the Earth. She's a kind, lively woman who waited all her life for this purpose, that Luce could sacrifice her and use her blood. In one lifetime, Dee used to be Luce's favourite aunt, and before meeting all of the Angels, she was a close friend of Annabelle and Arriane. She used to love the late Dr. Otto, and before sacrificing herself, she told Luce that transeternals don't go to Heaven, but they never dream, so she would dream about Dr. Otto, Daniel's friend and a librarian.