Shelby attends Shoreline Academy and is first introduced in Torment as Lucinda Prince's room-mate during the latter's stay at Shoreline. Shelby is a Nephilim. She is the daughter of Angel Semihazah and a mortal woman.


Shelby is described as a stocky dishwater-blond girl with a grimly set mouth and major eyebrows. Her hair piled messily on top of her head. She wore yoga pants and ribbed camouflage tank top that matched her green-flecked hazel eyes. She is described and noticed by Daniel to look very similar to her father, Semihazah.


Shelby is a loud, head-strong girl, and at first acted horrible to Luce because of what she had heard in the past. As the two spend more time with one another, Luce begins to trust her roommate more and more, and she even asks her to help explore her past lives.


Luce's roommate is also a Nephilim. She had a crush on Daniel Grigori and insinuates that she had an affair with him, which was one of the reasons for disliking Luce at first. Although in an extra it is revealed that nothing much really happened other than the fact that she tried hitting on him, but he was too emotionally scarred by Luce's last death.

Shelby helps Luce manipulate the shadows to look at the past, and is great at observing details that help Luce track over her past lives. Her ex-boyfriend, Phil, is actually an Outcast, who was using her to get to Luce. At the end of Rapture, it is revealed that Shelby and Miles are married and have another child on the way.


  • She loves practicing yoga.