Sophia Bliss is one of the antagonists of the Fallen series. She is a transeternal and one of the elders of Zhsmaelim. In the first book, she pretends to be a mortal and a friendly librarian but in fact she was always the enemy of Luce , in every life. She murdered Penn and escaped. In Rapture she kidnapped Cam , Gabbe, and Molly. Cam survived and killed her, just before, she shot the star-shots at Gabbe and Molly and dusted them. In Rapture, it is revealed that Sophia has a sister named Dee , who hates her. Dee is physically similar to Sophia, so much resemblance that Luce mistook Dee for her, her sister's very close to Luce, while Luce hated her too much.

In the upcoming Fallen movie, the actress, Joely Richardson is portraying Sophia Bliss.


She is an elderly lady with black eyes and silver hair.