Vera is the older sister of Luce (Lucinda Price) in one of her past lives. Vera is only featured in a chapter of Torment where Miles Fisher, Shelby and Luce saw her working in a Las Vegas casino while glimpsing an announcer, the three teens then decide to travel through the announcer to find her and talk to her. When they arrive at first she does not recognize Luce because she had bleached her hair but their fingers brush against each other and Luce sees visions of her past life with Vera and sees the death from that life.


Vera is described as a middle aged woman that has similar features to Luce. When Vera was first seen by Miles through the announcer he thought Vera may have been Luce. In Torment Vera is described as wearing a white Oxford shirt with snug black pants and a black vest that bulged at the chest. Her fingernails were long and red, with sequins sparkling on both pinkies, and she kept using them to flick her black hair out of her face.