Not many weapons were brought up within the Fallen series except for the Angel killing arrow, a Star shot. It is unknown if there are any other weapons that are made with the same devices, but it is suspected that many others were crafted.

Star shots

"...[Daniel] knelt down to find a single arrow planted in the wet sand. It was slimmer than a normal arrow, a dull silver color, laced with swirling etched designs."
Star shots were first mentioned in Torment, shown in the prologue after Daniel and Cam kill the assassin. Daniel describes the tip of the arrow as deadly, explaining that it could kill Angels. They are crafted by, a now Outcast Angel, Azazel, the only remaining starsmith. It typically is set with a silver bow. The Starshot cannot harm humans, it can do less that bruise a human but the deadliest weapon to all angels and demons.

The Outcasts are the only Angel/Demon that has access to these weapons, and it very rare for other Angels and Demons to trade with the Outcasts for the weapons - Since no one wishes to discuss with the hidden group.